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the XTP Butt Caps

The Newest in racquet customization has arrived.The XTP Xtended Tennis Product lets you Xtend the length of any racquet or paddle by simply adding our patent design butt cap to your racquet.

Most standard length rackets are 27 inches in length, but MANY manufacturers make what are called Stretch versions and many players prefer these stretch models. Greats that use stretched models include Serena Williams, Juan Martin del Potro, Michael Chang Prince precision 28 inch and Andy Roddick Babolat pure air drive 27.5 inch.

Many racquet manufacturers offer many models in stretch version like Wilson 6.1 pro staff stretch plus and Team 105 XL and Hyper 5.3 27.5 inch. Also Yonnex Pro RD long 27.5 and 28 inch. Prince Graphite Long body racquets are very popular. Babolat makes a full line of Max drive and Aero 112 27.5 long versions. Dunlop iDapt 27.5 Head tennis also makes various lengths longer than standard.

XTP butt cap design allows a very simple way of Xtending ANY racquet by removing old butt cap and easily installing the XTP. You can add normal .5-half inch or by inserting a spacer up to 3/4 inch. Most players we find only want .5 inch Xtension.

EXtended models increase power and reach of a racquet. So if you have ever wondered what your game would be like playing with a stretch racquet or paddle try the XTP cap. No need to purchase new racquets; simply change the cap and swing away.

These can be purchased online in most popular sizes. In stock are sizes L0/1, L2, L3, and L4, so please check your racquet size before ordering. We also ship worldwide and have bulk pricing for distributers and tennis shops.

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XTP Butt Caps

XTP Butt Caps

XTP Butt Caps

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